Friday, 6 December 2013

Doll's House

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to create a doll's house. I always had an excuse for not getting on with it but I have finally grabbed the bull by the horns and bought a classical doll's house kit that I will make and decorate. I need to relax more and I am hoping this will be the answer. It is a 1/12th scale model and I am going to furnish it in Victorian style. I shall blog my progress.

Well the big box of bits arrived yesterday. 
Day 1
Task 1 was to check and identify all the bits:
All present and correct

Next job to glue sides and back to base - I had not realised how much mess I could make with a tube of PVA glue!

Day 2
Another day on the construction site for me and the builder's mate. I could not imagine going this single handed - how do you glue and hold at the same time?
Today we have attached the ceiling/floors and made the stair well.  The stairs are not in position yet they are just 'holding' the side panels while they dry.  Before we can proceed we need to do the lighting. Have decided to go for wired lighting rather than battery operated. I know a very competent electrician who will help me. Before I fix the stairs I need to wallpaper the hall walls. You would think that with the mountain of paper I have there would be something suitable but no.... the patterned papers are not the right scale and I don't have enough of plain paper anyway Victorians didn't do 'plain'. So off now to shop for lighting and wallpaper........ Not sure when the relaxing part will hit in but right now it is STRESSFUL!
Oooops! Realised the back panel has been STUCK in upside down! My trusty electrician has managed to drill some new holes for the electrical wires.

Day 3
Roof added
Window frames and door added.
There will now be a break in building work until the lighting kit arrives.

Day 4
It's Saturday so we are doing a spot of overtime. Windows have been glazed and inside window panels fitted.

Day 6
Columns, scotias and porticos added to front of house. Chimneys assembled. Stairways added.

Day 7
Oh bum! One of chimneys is scew-whiff - 'someone' must have knocked it while the glue was drying.
Lighting pack, transformer and light socket strip arrived today.

Day 9
Chimneys attached. Fronts hinged and attached. Door knob added. Looking good! All I need now is a name. Can't have 'Gully Gables' as it doesn't have gables, can't have Tessy Towers as it doesn't have towers. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks to my trusted assistant without whom this might still be in the box. Work will resume after the holiday.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well my thought was that if I were a bee my 'home sweet home' would be a beehive! So with that thought in mind I made this card for the current challenge at CD Sunday 'Home Sweet Home'
The backing papers are from the Persimmon collection by Papermania.
Image from Everyday Occasions CD by Ooh La La
I have used a border punch and coloured some white lace to match.
Thanks for Buzzzzzzing by. Tess x